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5 Ingredient Matcha Green Tea Energy Bites Recipe

These 5 ingredient Matcha Green Tea Energy Balls are sweet and nutty, and packed with antioxidant powerhouse- matcha green tea. They are also SUPER easy to throw together, making them the perfect choice for a healthy snack.

Even though there are only 5 ingredients in this recipe, these Matcha Green Tea Energy Balls are absolutely bursting with flavor.

And the best part- you can feel really good knowing that you are putting something incredibly healthy into your body.

Matcha green tea is not only delicious, but it’s also packed with soooo many health benefits, it’s almost hard to believe.


Matcha green tea is finely ground powder made from stoneground green tea leaves. As opposed to brewed green tea, where the tea is steeped in water, matcha green tea leaves are ground and added directly to the liquid/food.

Matcha is very common in Japan, and often used in Japanese tea ceremonies. These ceremonies are centered around the art of preparing, presenting and preparing matcha. This practice was originally developed as a spiritual one and is still performed to this day.

Matcha is grown and prepared much differently than other green teas. Consuming the whole tea leaf, of course, leads to many benefits. And since it is ‘shade-grown’, this boosts the amount of chlorophyll, which gives this tea its rich and vibrant green color.


Matcha green tea is not only tasty, but it’s also extremely healthy. The amount of health benefits is actually quite astounding.

Because matcha is made from full tea leaves, the health benefits far outweigh brewed green tea. When making a cup of brewed tea, and after throwing away the tea bag, you are literally throwing away the majority of the health benefits. In fact, to match the strength of just 1 cup of matcha, you need to drink 10 cups of regular brewed green tea!

That’s why, for prime health benefits and getting the most antioxidants, the best choice is to consume matcha green tea.


One of the main reasons matcha is so good for our health, is because it is PACKED with antioxidants. It has more than any other superfood by a long shot.

Matcha contains a unique antioxidant called catechins. They help to counteract some effects of free radicals in our environment, such as pollution, radiation, chemicals, UV rays, etc.

And these antioxidants help our bodies prevent aging and chronic diseases, and can also protect our immune systems and ward off bacterial and fungal infections. So the more you consume, the better.


Matcha has also been shown to assist in weight loss, as it increases a hormone that helps you to feel full.

And it also helps with focus. A thousand years ago, matcha came to Japan and monks used it to remain alert and focused while meditating. It’s rich in L-theanine, an amino acid that has been shown to help with relaxation, memory and even learning ability.

Chlorophyll, besides giving matcha it’s beautiful green color, is also a detoxifier, helping to get rid of harsh chemicals from the body.

And the combination of caffeine and l-theanine together gives a boost of natural energy, without the crash you might feel from other caffeine-filled drinks, such as coffee.

And that’s not all. It’s also been shown to help with arthritis, lower cholesterol and is even beneficial for oral health, as the antibacterial properties help to keep bacteria away.

As you can see, there are SO many health benefits to matcha green tea. So go ahead and pour yourself a Matcha Green Tea Latte, or prepare a batch of these energy balls for a healthy snack throughout the week. You’ll know you are getting a variety of health benefits and your body will thank you for it!


  • You can find matcha green tea in some specialty stores, such as Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, on Amazon, or at your local spice store.
  • Be sure to buy matcha green tea powder (and not regular green tea- it will not work for this recipe). Matcha green tea is stronger and also much healthier than regularly brewed green tea.
  • Matcha generally stays fresh 8-9 months after purchasing. The color of the matcha powder should be bright green. If the color is not bright green, but more of a darker brown color, it is most likely expired.

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