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Make Homemade Tomato Powder Complete Recipe

You have to make homemade tomato powder. It is sewing and singing. How do you hear it! As easy as drying and grinding. Then I use it as a spice in the kitchen for everything. I make some chickpeas well; I put a teaspoon of this magic powder. Enhance the taste of any sauce, including gazpachos and salmorejos.

I added it to tortillas and scrambled, also providing a great color. I also normally add it to the integral pizza dough or my spelled bread. I usually use it by adding a small teaspoon of the same powder, but seldom I add a few drops of water, remove it and achieve an instant condensed tomato.

Homemade Tomato Powder


1.Ingredients Tomato Powder


  • I use the skins of the tomatoes that hair to make my natural canned tomato and my homemade fried tomato.
  • You can also do it with whole sliced ​​tomatoes, but using the skins, you get perfect and take full advantage of the product.

2.Preparation Tomato Powder

  • The first step is to dry the skins or tomatoes until they are completely dehydrated crispy. They mustn’t retain any water or mold will come out.
  • To dry it, I use a food dehydrator, but if you don’t have it, you can dry it in a baking tray at 50ºC for the necessary time until they are crispy. You can also dry in the sun by putting the tomato on a rack to breathe and cover with gauze so that the insects do not attack.
  • When it is crispy, it is as simple as putting in a kitchen robot and crushing until a fine powder is left. Then you store in a glass jar and have it in your pantry available for all use.

You need to try it so you can see that what I am saying is an astounding sauce that you will never stop using again.

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